Our work

The Centre national de ressources handicaps rares Robert Laplane has a role of specific clinical expertise, skills transfer and development, and specialist networking, as well as that of formalising and disseminating knowledge concerning the consequences and circumstances of rare disabilities.

The Centre de ressources is specifically focussed on those which concern: deaf children with impairments associated with their deafness; children with complex language disorders associated with other impairments or pathologies; and adults with deafness and/or complex language disorders, affected with associated impairments within the framework of congenital or acquired pathologies.

All of our work aims to improve the quality of life of, and the quality of care and support offered to, those affected with rare disabilities, across the whole country. It plays a part in improving the course of life of each person we accompany, in terms of independence and social participation.

  1. Developing the skills of professionals within social and medico-social establishments (ESMS)
  • Integration-targeted assessment and skills transfer
  • On-site skills development
  • Running of co-development groups on inter-establishment skills
  1. Mediation and support for families and family helpers
  2. Supporting the Equipes relais handicaps rares (Rare disability relay teams, ERHR) in identifying cases of rare disability within the remit of the Centre national de ressources Robert Laplane and in strengthening networks specific to its clinical field
  3. Interdisciplinary work concerning the dissemination of knowledge on rare disabilities falling within our demographic on behalf of all stakeholders within the country:
  • Development of partnership projects
  • Support for innovation and participation in research works
  • Formalisation and consolidation of knowledge
  • Communication and information

The Centre national de ressources Robert Laplane carries out its activities within the framework of the Schéma national d’organisation sociale et médico-sociale pour les handicaps rares 2014-2018* (National social and medico-social organisational plan for rare disabilities, 2014-2018). The Centre team works alongside and in conjunction with other stakeholders comprising the Dispositif intégré pour les handicaps rares (Integrated apparatus for rare disability).

*A new apparatus is currently in development, lead by the Caisse nationale de solidarité pour l’autonomie (National solidarity fund for self-sufficiency, CNSA) and the Organisation de la direction générale de la cohésion sociale (Organisation for the general management of social cohesion, DGCS)


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