An access to langage approach

Thought-out and tested from the very beginning with children from the Centre pour enfants pluri-handicapés located on the rue Daviel, Paris, the access to meaning and language approach developed by the Centre de ressources Robert Laplane is aimed at a demographic affected with issues concerning language and communication.

It is an original approach, which does not take the form of a method, but the route of a written or drawn paper trail. It relies on transcribing, in oral and/or sign language, the sequence of events and exchanges taking place, as they unfold. The experience of language construction is thereby made visible and permanent. This approach uses the child or young person’s skills, observed and brought to light during the formulation of their functional diagnosis, as a starting point. Professionals’ ability to identify these skills in the child or young person is vital to the success of our intervention.


“Beyond the nature of the aids used, the originality of the approach is, above all, in the positioning adopted by the professional. The professional does not rigidly apply the rules of a method; instead, by trial and error, they seek out the tools and methods that will allow them to access the world inside their interlocutor’s head. To do this, the professional must believe that their interlocutor has thoughts, dreams, and emotions to share. They even have to dare to imagine the nature of those thoughts and emotions and share those ideas with the child, at the risk of being wrong. This will create a dialogue that will help the person with the disability to imagine in turn what the other person is thinking.” –

from the booklet introducing the access to language approach presenting
its guiding principles (An approach for access to language,
published by the Centre Robert Laplane and co-edited with the
Centre pour enfants pluri-handicapés, English translation by ITC Translations)

Very soon : you will have the possibility to download the booklet for free !


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