The Centre national de ressources Robert Laplane carries out its activities and projects in accordance with the needs of care-recipients within the framework of public health policies dedicated to people with rare disabilities.

Faced with the complexity of the challenges regarding the specific support mechanisms for this demographic, the public health policies have decided to make use of:

  • a single framework for developing the skills and resources for people with rare disabilities; the Schémas nationaux d’organisation sociale et médico-sociale (National social and medico-social organisational plans for rare disabilities)
  • one organisation, with dedicated resources, for the whole of France, to contribute to the improvement of quality of life for those concerned: the Dispositif intégré pour les handicaps rares (Integrated apparatus for rare disabilities)

Beyond its primary expertise in functional assessment, the Centre national de ressources Robert Laplane has accrued a well-recognised level of experience in supporting establishments’ care-givers and backing innovative projects. Today, its work extends into and is part of a framework encompassing both the transition towards the full inclusion of disabled people and stakeholders involved in transforming the set of services offered, particularly those from pre-existing apparatuses in France.


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