Context and purpose

With the aim of enriching each other’s practices, this network brings together 35 establishments, intervening on behalf of people with sensory and/or language impairments, from all over the French-speaking world (Benin, the Caribbean region, Belgium, Haiti, Switzerland, France, and Quebec). The Centre de ressources has been one of its participants since 2016.

The purpose of the network is to “support the development of best practices regarding specialised rehabilitation and management services among [its] members”. This objective can be fulfilled thanks to the sharing and transfer of specialist expertise, as well as the dialogue and relationships established between professionals through the execution of joint activities.

Objectives of the network

In order to develop and disseminate knowledge, and become a forum for dialogue between professionals, this consortium of establishments from French-speaking countries, specialised in visual, auditory and language impairments, has the overall aims of:

  • encouraging innovative modes of intervention
  • developing and disseminating knowledge on the rehabilitation of people with sensory or language impairments
  • supporting shared projects in the teaching and research sectors
  • offering assistance to quality monitoring and continuous improvement initiatives
  • carrying out activities fostering dialogue and the establishment of fruitful relationships between management and fieldwork staff
  • ensuring that the interests of sensory and language impaired people are defended and promoted, at both the national levels of each country represented within the Réseau and the international level of the French-speaking world as a whole
  • improving practices by observing, discovering and interacting with new professional environments
  • offering assistance to organisations in their develop of sensory and language impairment rehabilitation services

European seminar days

The Réseau francophone’s 2020 European study days took place on the 22nd and 23rd of September, in Paris, at the Institut national des jeunes aveugles (National institute of young blind people, INJA). These two days involved the virtual or physical attendance of 42 professionals, from 23 different French, Swiss and Belgian medico-social establishments. Claire Davalo and Amandine Vanzo, from the Centre de ressources Robert Laplane, took to the floor to present the MEDIA+ European project, particularly insofar as concerns the doctoral work being carried out within the framework of project focus 3, the creation of a competency framework for care professionals and helpers. They took the opportunity to:

  • play the project launch film, made during the project’s first transnational meeting
  • distribute three of the project’s paper handouts (the Media+ ‘access to communication’ flyer; the Media+ project focus 3 flyer – ‘construction and European validation of a competency framework for care professionals and families working with deaf young people’; and, a summary of the doctoral work to be carried out)

Following this meeting, an dissemination email containing a number of promotional materials was sent to the whole network in order to encourage their participation in our study of professionals’ skills sets.


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  • The Réseau francophone website – Visit the website


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