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Are you looking to solicit our assistance in a situation?

You can get in touch with us whether you are a parent, a private practitioner, or a professional within a medico-social, social, or hospital practice.

You will be received by the administrative secretary’s office, who will register your enquiry and certain useful information.

A qualified professional will then get back to you. They will take the time to understand your concerns and evaluate whether further information is needed. Together, you will come up with a list of potential contacts to be made in finding this supplementary information. In some cases, they will directly provide you with answers to your questions. In others, the case will be forwarded to the appropriate specialists, who will determine a strategy for the Centre de ressource’s intervention to be reviewed with your input.


Our procedure for individual situation requests is conceived in a number of stages:

  1. Our first point of contact is generally the secretary’s office, via telephone

The secretary will complete an information file containing the client’s enquiry and administrative information. The enquiry will be recorded in our database.

  1. At a later stage, one of our team’s first response professionals will return the client’s call

Over the course of this consultation, they will gather a set of clinical, paramedical and educational details which will help to define the situational and environmental difficulties of the person in question.

  1. Following this consultation, the multidisciplinary team will meet to analyse the recent enquiry

Following this analysis, you will be recontacted to be informed of the intervention strategy proposed.

  1. The secretary’s office receives the initial call
  • first point of contact
  • collection of administrative information and details of the enquiry
  • information file
  1. The first response professional calls the client back
  • consultation to collect clinical, paramedical, educational and life story details
  • recent enquiry file
  1. The multidisciplinary team meets
  • analysis of the enquiry


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