“The acknowledgement of a “resource role” – on the basis of a rallying of stakeholders – requires the identification of particularly specialised skill sets, recognised as expert skill sets (with respect to professional best practice recommendations), within a relevant territory determined by the ARS (Regional health agency. It rests on these stakeholder’s ability to rally together and to carry out their activities for the benefit of the population of a given territory, and with full legitimacy regarding professional, structural and institutional stakeholders. It involves identifying criteria for this acknowledgement and evaluating the supposed resource role against these.”

Annex 6 of the May 2nd, 2017 circular, N. DGCS/3B/2017/148 circular, concerning the transformation of support and care services offered to disabled people within the framework of the “care and support solution for all” initiative within the 5-year strategy for the development of medico-social services (2017-2021) and of the implementation of decisions made by the Comité Interministériel du Handicap (Interministerial Committee on Disability, CIH) on the 2nd of December 2016.


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